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Our Product

How we make the difference...

Stop covid-19 Spread through trash

Shield Devices, Inc has developed a patented pump system, the Trash Shield, that automatically dispenses an EPA-approved disinfectant/odor mitigating liquid agent onto the interior surfaces of a trash container.


Our device dispenses the liquid after the container has been emptied and returned to the ground. It can also be set up to dispense after the lid has been closed. This proactive service automatically eliminates bacteria, odor, insects, and viruses including COVID-19. A organic deterrent formula may also be utilized to mitigate rodent and animal activity. Solutions are dispensed 1x a week/5 oz per spray per device. Two gallons of solution per device lasts one year.




Our device does not require a power source

and is about the size of a briefcase.


It can mitigate various problems, be made of recycled

materials and dispense organic solutions.


Seasonal winter temperatures have been factored into the design

of the device and liquids to allow for full year coverage.

The benefits

You can make the difference NOW!

Stops bacteria growth immediately/kills viruses including COVID-19!! 


Eliminates odors as it deploys fresh smell, while killing vermin, flies, roaches, mosquitoes and deterring other pests.


The Trash Shield automatically denies rodents a food source.


YOU can benefit by stopping the need for costly, inconsistent and inconvenient power washing right now!


Low cost cleaning service to business owners, retailers, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc. for only pennies a day.



Eric Larabee

Shield Devices - President & CEO

Email - eric@shielddevices.com 

Phone - (206) 226 - 4587

WA - United States


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