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The Trash Shield provides a proactive solution to customer’s common problems with trash, recyclable and green waste containers

Our company has been granted two utility patents for a pump system, the Trash Shield, that alleviates viruses, bacteria, rodents, insects, and odors from commercial and residential waste containers. The Trash Shield provides an automatic spray system service to sanitize and disinfect the interior/exterior surfaces of trash, recyclable and green waste containers.

The utility of the Trash Shield allows for design flexibility that may be applied to various commercial and residential containers in use today. After a trash receptacle has been emptied and returned to the ground—the Trash Shield automatically dispenses an EPA-approved disinfectant that kills 99% of bacteria, viruses, insects, and controls odors. Rodent deterrent may also be automatically dispensed using the Trash Shield. 

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The Commercial Product is designed to dispense a liquid after the commercial trash container, 2-8 Cubic Yards, is overturned to be emptied and returned to the ground. This product's design is more cost effective for waste collection companies' customers. This is achieved by conserving the amount of mitigating/disinfectant liquid that the customers will use in one year and only spraying 1 time a week. Reservoir holds approximately 1 gallon of fluid. Projection is for the liquid to last 6 months when the container is emptied once a week.

No Batteries Required!!!

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Commercial Containers:


Hospitals, Schools, Apartments, Restaurants and Business Complexes

Consumer Indoor Product:


Kitchen, Diaper Bin, Laundry, Garage, Boats, Restaurants and Bathrooms

6 LOGO Shield Device - Consumer - Reside

Consumer Outdoor Product:

Two-Wheel Roll-Out 30-96

Gallon Trash, Recyclables 

and Green Waste

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