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Executive Team

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Eric Larabee - President & CEO 

Phone Contact 206 – 226 – 4581 

Industrial Designer with 16+ years of experience specialized in Prototype Development, Computer Aided Design and 3D Modeling. Secured Intellectual Property and US Utility Patents. Experience with Product Development, Ecological Design and Manufacturing. 7+ years experience with hydraulic systems for commercial applications. Supervised Commercial/Residential Construction Permits for municipalities and counties. Lead Systems Engineer for fire suppression systems: design, manufacturing, construction and inspections.

Monica Matulich - Vice President

SR Vice President of PRHollywood, Marketing & Sales Consultant to Sikorsky Helicopter for whom she facilitated a $1.2B helicopter sale to the Turkish government. Senior Business and marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies (Coca Cola, Disney). Brings 20+ years in Global Marketing Leadership / Business Development / Sales / Communications & Public Relations. Monica also has deep expertise in Go-to-Market strategies and partnership marketing in B2B and B2C. 

Mike Reed - Engineer

Proof of Concept Prototypes 3D print specialist, production process, quality control, refining process, new product development and employee management. Conceptual designs for inventors and major companies. As seen on TV products and successful in getting products to HSN. Owner of Prolific LLC Product Manufacturing, Production Molds, Developer and Prototyping. Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Operate Membrane Bio Reactor plant. Processed lab work for EPA and DNR, Consultant with other municipalities involving odor control issues for Alliance waste control.

Duncan Auld - Mechanical Engineer

Boeing Tool Integration Analyst and Mechanical Design Engineer, System Administrator and Webmaster Experience, UMSL & Washington University in St Louis  BSME - Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, BLS - Computer Science, Industrial & Product Design, CAD, NX Unigraphics, A.S.M.E.  - American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Expert Advisors


Tony Materna

President, Point-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases. Repeat $100M+ Entrepreneur.  

David Bell

20+ years CFO, Head of New Businesses / Pest Control for a $3.1b Retail Grocery Chain.


Todd Shoemack

16+ years of experience in Sales and Procuring Angel Investments. Top third of Sales Managers nationwide at Intel.

Francois Modarresse

15+ years as an Entrepreneur having scaled businesses to 9 figure revenues. Served Multiple Boards, raised millions and 8 M&A’s.

Marion Arent

5+ years Business Development Executive and International Liaison in the Brazilian Air Force. Extensive network in Europe and Latin America.


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