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the problem

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-“ 76% of those surveyed said they would pay to eliminate problems with viruses, bacteria and odors.”

Shield Devices Inc has confirmed a universal problem with waste containers, and it really stinks!


Surveyed hundreds of businesses like restaurants, grocery stores and retail outlets and they have told us they have a problem.


Trash containers are constantly filled with bacteria from rotting material, frequented by rodents, and foul odors are wafting through the air into the noses of their customers and employees. 

- Almost all of the respondents commented on how odors are a problem and that no one wants to clean these containers.


- 76% of those surveyed said the amount they would be willing to spend, to eliminate odors, viruses and bacteria problems, averaged above what our device costs per month.


- People liked receiving specific data about the germs inside containers.


- “A better alternative than using water and a hose then dumping contaminated water out into the environment.”


- “Yes, smell is a problem during recess and windy days at school.”


- Concerns from employees who have to handle the dumpsters.

- Concerns of homeless people in the containers and then spreading the material, germs, pathogens and viruses.

Business Survey Results: 

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