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Our planet

The population on this planet is growing at an alarming rate. As the number of people increase, the amount of waste will grow accordingly. Waste disposal and how it’s dealt with will have to change as well.


Today, waste disposal containers throughout the world are a convenient and common method of disposing of waste. These containers often develop various problems and possible health risks to anyone in the surrounding area. Our company's liquid dispensing device will provide an automatic waste management service to mitigate many of the problems directly related to waste containers worldwide.

For more information about investing in this fast growing business, please

send an email to request an investor deck or more information to: 

Eric Larabee

Shield Devices - President & CEO

Email - 

Phone  (206) 226 - 4587

Monica Matulich

Shield Devices - Vice President

Email - 

Phone  (310) 383 – 9502

Made in the United States

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